To view or update existing support tickets:

1. Locate Check Ticket Status from either the Home, Solutions or Tickets tab.   

From the Home tab, Check Ticket Status is located below the search bar:


From the Solutions or Tickets tab, Check Ticket Status is located to the right of the search bar:

2. Select Check Ticket Status, and your tickets appear with a status: 

  • "Being Processed" - this ticket is open and being reviewed by a Certica Agent. 
  • "Awaiting your Reply" - a Certica Agent has provided additional information in the ticket that is awaiting your response
  • "This ticket has been Resolved" - this ticket has been resolved and/or closed by a Certica Agent

3. You can use the drop-down menu to filter the display:

To display tickets based on status, access the drop-down menu to select the status views:

You can also alter the sorting based on date created, last modified, and status:


4. By clicking on the support ticket name, you will be able to see additional information, including Agent comments.  To respond, or add additional information to the ticket, select the box that reads "Click here to reply to this ticket":

An additional window appears. Add your comments, and send these to a Certica Agent by clicking Reply.