Please read this article before testing begins.

This article outlines the steps teachers should take to ensure that their class is ready to take the CASE Benchmark assessments.

Step 1: Check the Rosters 

To review the student rosters, teachers should follow these steps from the main dashboard:

  1. Go to My Classrooms to access the teacher dashboard.
  2. When viewing the teacher dashboard, click on the “My Classes” link.        
  3. Each class is listed. For most users, class roster information is pulled directly from the student information system (ex. PowerSchool).
  4. Click Manage Classroom to review the rosters for each class.
  5. Teachers should review each roster BEFORE the live testing date. If there are missing students from a roster, please contact an administrator immediately so a prompt resolution can be determined.

Step 2: Check the Test Schedule 

After confirming that the rosters are correct for each class, teachers may want to verify their test schedules. To do so, teachers should follow these steps:

  1. Return to the Dashboard.
  2. From Schedule Upcoming and Open Benchmark Testing to Classrooms select an applicable title.
  3. Click the Assign Classrooms icon.
  4. Scroll to the bottom to review Selected Classrooms/Students for accuracy.
  5. If correct there is no need to save changes. Use the back arrow in the browser or the Dashboard link in the top upper left to return to the dashboard.
  6. If something is incorrect, please contact your administrator immediately for assistance resolving the issue. 

Once your rosters and assessment schedules are verified, your students are ready to begin their assessment. For more information on the student testing experience, refer to Student Experience overview article.