After an assessment is administered, there may be untested students or unsubmitted students. Untested students are those who have never logged in or started the assessment. Unsubmitted students are those who did log in and start the assessment, but they never submitted their answers. 

Using the Testing Activity Report

The Testing Activity Report (available the day after testing) allows you to identify how many students are untested and how many, as well as which students, are unsubmitted. To access the Testing Activity Report:

  1. From the Reports menu, choose Assessment Analytics
  2. On the Single Assessment Reports tab, choose the Testing Activity Report
  3. Select an assessment from list at the bottom of the page and click Run Report.

The "#Untested" column indicates how many students have not started the assessment. The "#Unsubmitted" column shows the number of students who started the assessment but have not yet submitted their answers. 

To see the tested students , click on the Classroom name to see the list of students who took the test. Those with "Yes" in the "Unsubmitted" column are unsubmitted. Those *not listed* are those who are untested.



Using the Session Overview Report

Another way to help you determine which students are untested or see which ones are unsubmitted is to examine the Session Overview Report (which is available immediately after any student has tested):

  1. From the Reports menu, choose Assessment Reports.
  2. Find the assessment using the directions outlined in Reports Overview: Accessing Your Reports
  3. Run the Overview Report as described in Session Overview Report.
  4. To identify untested students, look for students who are not listed. Students *not listed* have not started the test at all. 
  5. To identify unsubmitted students, look for those whose scores are blank. Note: If you run this report for a whole school as an administrator, it may initially appear blank and take a minute or so to populate.