USER LEVEL:  Only an enCASE District Test Coordinator (DTC) has access to this feature.  


Reopening/resetting an assessment allows a DTC to reopen student tests submitted in error and make them available for students to complete their work. The process retains all previously selected answers, although the student can review them and make changes if desired.

Before beginning: You must know at least the following information in order to reset an assessment: 
  • The Test Title
  • Student Last Name
  • Student First Name 

(Additional information such as the school or teacher’s name saves time when searching.)

To reset/reopen an assessment:

  1. From the Reports menu on the top menu bar, select Assessment Reports and use the filters to locate the test. 
  2. Select the radio button for the correct test that appears below, and click Search. Then click on the View Sessions icon (single man image).
  3. Click on Last Name in the header bar then type or paste the last name in the box and press [Enter] to quickly locate the student. 
  4. Click Reset to reset the assessment for the student.