The Overview Report shows all the students involved in an assessment session, their scores, and their responses. 

Watch the video: Assessment Reports Overview

Running the Overview Report

  1. From the Reports menu at the top of the dashboard, choose Assessment Reports.
  2. Search for and select the assessment you want to report on. For details, refer to Assessment Reports Overview
  3. Once you select an assessment, a list of your assessment sessions displays.
  4. Click on either of the View Sessions icons: Click the single man icon to see results for just one section, or click on the right-arrow to see all the sections at once.

    The Report Sessions page opens.
  5. Click Run Overview Report.

The report shows you correct vs. incorrect answer choices for the assessment by group.

  • Blank answers - Students listed blank have not yet completed their testing. 
  • Missing Students - Students not listed have not started the test.

Note: When running this report for a whole school as an administrator it comes up blank and may take a minute or so to populate.