Assessment analytic reports are additional reports available for administrators and teachers. They are more interactive than the Assessment Reports - click on parts of them to go deeper into the data or switch easily to other reports.

Watch the video: Assessment Analytics

Note: These reports update nightly. If a student completes as assessment on a given day, these reports cannot be used to analyze that data until the following morning.

To access the assessment analytics:

  • From the Reports menu at the main dashboard, choose Assessment Analytics.
    (Alternatively, from the "Manage Users" section on the left side, choose Assessment Analytics.)

The Report Menu page appears. The numbers in the image below show the order in which to operate. A description of each step is below. 

  1. Select one of the three tabs, depending on whether you want:
    • Reports on a single assessment (Single Assessment Reports tab)
    • Reports on more than one assessment (Multiple Assessment Reports tab)
    • Reports on scaled benchmark assessments (Scaled Benchmark Reports tab). For details on accessing these reports, refer to Scaled Benchmark Reports
  2. Choose a report from the Reports drop-down menu. Click here for a description of all the assessment analytic reports or by choosing Report Definitions from the top menu.
  3. Choose a school year from the School Year drop-down menu.
  4. Select the By Assessment tab to find assessments by type, subject, core or title, or select the By Classroom/Teacher tab to find assessments by district, school, or grade. Use the "Filters" section to find the assessment(s) on which to report.
  5. Select an assessment.
  6. Click Run Report.

Overview of Assessment Analytics

A description of each analytic report is available. (You may also access these descriptions by choosing Report Definitions from the top menu.) The assessment analytics reports are summarized in the tables below. 

Single Assessment Reports

Usage ReportsAdministratorsTesting Activity Report
Testing Activity by Student
Testing Activity by Teacher
Performance Levels
Standards Based ReportsTeachers
Standard Summary
By Item Report
Item Detail Report
Response Distribution
By Standard Report
Student Performance Report
Student Response

Multiple Assessment Reports

Standards Mastery ReportsAdministratorsStandards Aggregate
Standards Aggregate - By Student
Group ReportsAdministratorsTest Comparison Report

Scaled Benchmark Reports

Assessment Overview ReportsAdministrators
Scaled Benchmark Administration Reports

(For samples, refer to Scaled Benchmark Reports.)

Item Detail ReportsAdministrators
Scaled Benchmark Item Analysis Reports

(For samples, refer to Scaled Benchmark Reports.)