The Standards Aggregate Report allows you to compare standard performance across multiple assessments for a collection of students. The report lists every standard to which the items in the assessment are aligned, but you may choose to view specific standard sets using the Standard Set drop-down menu.

To access this report:

  1. Choose Assessment Analytics from the Reports menu.
  2. Click on the Multiple Assessments tab. 
  3. Choose Standards Aggregate from the "Report" drop-down menu.
  4. Select one or more assessments and click Run Report.

(Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

When viewing this report, you can do the following (refer to the image below):

  • (1) Export the the data to a CSV file.
  • (2) Customize the data according to School Year, District, School or Grade Level
  • (3) Customize the data according to standard set.
  • (4) Switch to another report by selecting one from the drop-down menu and clicking Run Report. (To see this report for individual students, choose By Student to see the Standards Aggregate - By Student report.