You can create your own items to include on classroom assessments. A variety of item types are available for creation, and all items reside in your School Created item bank for use on assessments. 

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Step 1: Specify the Item Information

To begin creating an item:

  1. Choose Item Bank from the top menu. The Search for Items page appears.
  2. Click Create New Item.
  3. In the "Item Info" section, Item # and Item Bank may already be filled in, but you may change these if needed.
  4. If applicable, choose a DOK, Difficulty, Topic Category, and one or more Topics
  5. In the "Standard" section, choose a Subject, Core, Class/Grade, and the specific Standard for the item.
  6. The information is summarized.
  7. Click Add another standard to add more standards.
  8. Click Continue.

Step 2: Add a Passage (optional)

If this item is associated with a passage, click Add Passage.

The Add Passage dialog appears. Click the magnifying glass icon to view the passage. 

Click the + next to a passage you want to add.

Repeat that process, if necessary, to add any additional passages for the item.

If this item is meant to be part of a two-part item, click Add A/B Item. Otherwise, continue by choosing an item type and follow the instructions below.

Step 3: Choose an Item Type

Click the large plus sign at the bottom of the page.

Choose a category of item type from the left sidebar. As you select a category, specific item types to choose from appear on the right.

Move the cursor over the type of item you want to create, and click the plus sign that appears.

Step 4: Enter the Item Content

After you select an item type, placeholders for the parts of the item appear. For example, for a Multiple Choice - Standard item, you see places for the stem and the answer choices:

(Refer to the image above.)

(1) Enter a stem.

(2) Enter answer choices.

(3) Click to add additional answer choices (optional).

The specific fields available will vary, depending on the type of item you are creating. 

As you enter text for the the item, notice that a formatting toolbar appears, and you may use that to format the the text or to insert mathematical expressions, tables, images, or a "simple feature" (such as a calculator).

Tip: Use the Source formatting option to edit or view the HTML code being used for the text.

Verify the completed item. For example:

Step 5: Indicate the Correct Answer and Other Options

Set the correct answer in the next section on the page. 

(Refer to the image above.)

(1) Choose a number of points received for a correct answer.

(2) Choose the correct answer.

(3) Check if there is more than one correct answer. 

(4) Check if the answers should be presented in a different order every time the item is available on an assessment.

(5) Allows you to set additional options for the item such as other scoring details, layout specifications, and distractors, rationales, and more.

Step 6: Save the Item

Click Save when you are done (or at any other time during the creation process).

The item is now in "draft" mode and located in the "School Created" item bank.

To publish an item (making it available for use on assessments) or to make other changes, you may edit the item

Step 7: Preview Text-to-Speech for the Item

If your district uses text-to-speech, you can preview the way the item is read by the text-to-speech reader:

  1. Click Save if you haven't already.
  2. Click Preview to enter the preview mode.
  3. Click Text-to-Speech to open the text-to-speech toolbar, and use it to read the item.

    Refer to Controlling Text-to-Speech in the article Text-to-Speech Functionality for details on controlling the way words or phrases are pronounced by the text-to-speech reader.