The Student Performance report report provides a detailed view of a student’s performance on the assessment. The report includes raw score and percent correct for the assessment, the student’s response to each item, points earned for each item and standard alignment for each item.

To access this report, choose Assessment Analytics from the Reports menu. (Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

When viewing this report, you can do the following (refer to the image below):

  • (1) Export the report to a CSV file.
  • (2) Customize the data displayed by Item or by Standard. Click Go to update.
  • (3) Select another student. Click Go to update.
  • (4) Choose a different standard set. Click Go to update.
  • (5) Switch to another report by selecting one from the drop-down menu and clicking Run Report
  • (6) Click on an Item Number to view the Item Detail Report.

The Student Performance Report using "By Standard":