When you edit or schedule an assessment, you may see messages about items that are no longer available. This may periodically happen with items in licensed item banks, as new items/passages are added and others are retired. This may also occur with school-created items if the assessment is imported from an external source, and the items are not available in enCASE.

Items that are retired or missing are no longer available in item searches, cannot be added to assessments, nor will they appear in any existing assessments where they have been used. You are alerted to this when scheduling or editing an assessment or when viewing certain reports. You may add replacement items as needed. 

Alert When Scheduling

If you are scheduling an assessment that contains items/passages no longer available, you see a message titled "Action Required: Review Assessments" when you select the assessment. For example:

Click OK to continue with the scheduling, or click the assessment link and proceed to review or edit the assessment to replace the unavailable items. Please refer to the instructions in the section below, "Reviewing or Editing the Assessment," to replace items in an assessment.

Alert on Reports

If you are reviewing any reports that show item details, the details for unavailable items may not be shown. For example, you might see something such as the following if the item is not longer available:

However, scores related to unavailable items are still valid.  

Reviewing or Editing the Assessment

To edit or review an assessment containing unavailable items:

  1. From the Assessments menu, choose Classroom to bring up the Search for Assessments page. 
  2. Make the required selections and click Search to find the assessment.

  3. Click the Edit Assessment icon or the Preview Assessment icon:

If you edit an assessment containing unavailable items, a message appears at the top of the screen. For example:

In the "Assessment" section below, you can see the items that are in the assessment under "Selected Items". 

The unavailable items do not appear. You may want to replace unavailable items by adding other items. 

Adding Replacement Items

You may follow these suggested steps for replacing unavailable items:

  1. Check the message at the top of the screen, which indicates the standard to which the unavailable items are aligned.
  2. Make selections in the fields for finding items that are aligned to that standard.
  3. Click Load Items.
  4. Items that match your selections are listed in the "Available Items" section on the left. Click +Add to add items to the assessment.

You may click Save Changes and Preview to preview the assessment.

If the assessment is all set, and you do not wish to see the top message again, click Mark Resolved